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Our Anniversary, The E.R & The Impending Feeling of Doom

It’s been a crazy few days. I’ve basically been anxiety ridden to the point of (as the title mentions) an E.R visit. The weekend started off good. Saturday was mine and Brendan’s 3 year anniversary. Unfortunately, I don’t have any cute photos of us from the night but we looked great and spent some time in the city. We booked…

Friday Seems Like Saturday Seems Like Sunday

Weekend summed up. And more potential restrictions.. extended lockdown… I think I’ll just be living in my bath for a change of view from now on. I did find time to take these pics. First time in a LONG time I got my camera out.

I Need A Break

I need some time off. Every weekend when Sunday comes around I feel sadder and sadder. Like I really just need some more time to calm down from the week before. I also drove to the Post Office yesterday and almost got T-boned. Thank god the guy on the road who almost hit me had more experience and could stop…

Words Are Not My Strong Point Today

My vocabulary isn’t strong today. The week has caught up with me. Instead my eyes are closing fast. And soon I will be asleep. I’ll be ready tomorrow.

Still Stuck in the Weekend

Last weekend was the first time (a rare time) where we went out all weekend, didn’t really sit and drink and just had a good time. We’ve been so used to being cooped up in the house and we just drink all weekend but we decided we didn’t want to do that and agreed on avoiding it the week before…