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Friday Seems Like Saturday Seems Like Sunday

Weekend summed up. And more potential restrictions.. extended lockdown… I think I’ll just be living in my bath for a change of view from now on. I did find time to take these pics. First time in a LONG time I got my camera out.

Reminder – Your Body Needs Some Rubbing

The last time I had a full body massage was 6 years ago. The time before that was never. So, that was my first and last time. I went to Tasmania with my best friend and before we flew home I thought it would be cool for us to kill some time and get massages. Neither of us have ever…

4 Day Old Me

Here I am 4 days ago. New Hair.New Lashes.New Nails.New Sunburn. Did my hair the Friday morning. That included bleaching then trying to pastel my hair. Unfortunately that didn’t turn out so I settled with just throwing on a bottle of purple dye. I sat in it for over an hour only to wash my hair and find it didn’t…