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Been A Hot Minute

In the last month and a half that I’ve been MIA a bit has happened. Melbourne has finally come out of lockdown after 2 months. Remember when I said we were told it would be 2 weeks…. Yeah it wasn’t. Mandatory vaccinations has happened. My mom got sick of this country and moved to The States. My youngest sister also…

The Boys

This is how me and my sister look together. We got the same mother but we look real different. Much like my sister and I, these 2 guys have the same father. But yet are 2 very different boys with real different personalities. I love these guys ❤

Self Isolation: Day 3 -, 90’s sitcoms & a phone call

It’s not really self isolation when it’s a regular Sunday. There is no self isolation day one or two because as mentioned they were just regular weekend days and one of them I was already working at home (see post WFH: Day 1). I figure I will make posts with titles like self isolation day whatever but seeing as though…