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Indian-Spiced Chicken & Roasted Potatoes: HelloFresh

I got a HelloFresh box for this week. I figured it was cheaper then going grocery shopping (I tend to overbuy) and I thought it would be good to try stuff I wouldn’t normally cook. Plus, I hate thinking of what to cook for dinner. I think I got pretty close to the picture.

It’s Been A Busy Not Work-Related Day

Today I took on the role of caretaker. Both Brendan and I woke up a little sore except one of us had a pinched nerve…. It wasn’t me. So, I offered to drive him around to get whatever he needed to sort himself out. We went to the chemist for a heat pack and I went and drove him to…

Talking ‘Bout Last Nights Dinner – Carnitas

Whenever I make carnita’s the whole house stops and basks in the aroma of 10 hours of pork slow cooking. I woke up at 9am yesterday to get it all prepped and we were eating by 8pm. I can’t even begin to describe how good it was. Everything was so damn good. Of course, I make enough food for 6…