Back To Business (kicking and screaming)

I’ve been off work since the 1st of April with the intention of getting back to it on the 11th. That didn’t happen. I was home by that day however I too succumbed to the ‘Rona. I knew I had it. But I just didn’t test positive for awhile. Didn’t matter though. I quarantined with Brendan so I did my part but then suddenly I positive came up. My reaction was simple “it’s about time”.

I didn’t get any major symptoms. I had a blocked nose which is something I’m still having issues with and 2 days of weird body heating out of nowhere and then freezing. A few nights were pretty sleepless. After the symptoms eased up THEN I got a cough and have had it ever since. My voice is a little croaky but that’s the extent of my issues. I’d say that’s pretty good.

When I got back on 11th I took the rest of the week off. It was already a short week because of the Easter break so the Friday and the Monday were already public holidays which I don’t work. From the 18th my whole department also was forced to go on annual leave because everyone has accumulated too much leave and of course, the company doesn’t want to pay it out. Then we had another public holiday on the 25th which brings my first day back at work the 26th of April.

Pretty damn good.

However, my first day back was rough. I think my mind was still not wanting to go back and deal with “work”. The night before I actually cried out some anxiety. I couldn’t sleep in bed. I had to move to the really shitty, uncomfortable couch in the livingroom and also, I drank a bit the day before. I had this mindset of “it’s my last day back to reality” and I think I drank too much in celebration so.. I wasn’t 100% ready to be an adult again.

I managed though. I got back and….. nothing has changed. Of course. I wasn’t expecting it to or anything but I thought, I dunno, maybe my team would have been a little more concerned about how I was. Instead, I got “Did you have a flu or was it Covid? I wasn’t sure”. Well, I did message the team and only one person messaged back saying “get well”. Thanks. I did.

So, my team of 4 is now 5. I got into a meeting with a new member. That’s cool. The cool part for this person is they got hired on a better title than me and a higher salary. ALREADY! Wow… kind of was a slap in the face. My secondment ended while I was on leave as well however my boss hasn’t talked to me about extending it but has been happy for me to pick up the slack while the only other team member who knows how to help me decided they were going to take the week off.

I came back to 12 days of work (because the department was closed and the person who was doing my tasks also took a sick day). This included 90 email enquires, 2 pages of failed orders (which is maybe about… 25-30 per page), our old wholesaler following up on 7 TIO complaints, 15 address issues raised by agents, then having to deal with anything that needed following up prior to me leaving because those were left. Half those email enquiries require call that I need to listen to as well. The agents seemed happy I was back seeing as they wouldn’t stop messaging me about problems. So, I had to put them on mute while I tried to figure out how to tackle this.

I almost cried.

We had a meeting with our wholesaler and they brought up the fact that we are so far behind. I had to chime in and be like “I was sick, my bad. Someone was supposed to be looking over it but I’m here now and I’ll fix it. But keep in mind I’m only one person”. The new chick (who I’ll remind you IS ON BETTER PAY AND TITLE THAN ME!) doesn’t know anything about broadband and is currently training as they aren’t across the product or anything. Like.. this is brand new to this person. Which is fine. But I’m not getting help. I’m not even a getting “Hey, how are things?”.

I actually had a manger from the wholesaler DM on Facebook and literally give me words of encouragement. They told me how they’re team was worried when they weren’t getting e-mails with my name on it and were asking if I was okay. Then she told me that they appreciate me and not too burn myself out and offered to help any way they could, including the team.

That both absolutely touched my heart and pissed me off. Not at the sentiment. But it made me realize how out of touch my team is with me if an external partner is reaching out and realize how shit I have it. My god…

I replied, “I love how you guys are like a family”. And it’s true.

I have been busting my ass the last 2 days making sure I get everything back in order by tomorrow. And to be honest I’m not doing it because I like my job or my department. I’m doing it because someone said they appreciated me, and I understand how crap it is for them I if I don’t do this. That’s it.

Once I’m given the okay to be allowed back into the office I’ll be looking for another position within the company. I’m almost exactly a year and half away from long service leave which is given at the 7 year mark. I just need to make it till then.

With that time off my plan is to go to the states. I’d like Brendan to take a month off and come with me and I’ll stay for another two. My mom and her husband just bought a house so she’s a permanent fixture there which means if any of us want to see her that’s where we’ll have to go. Besides, way easier for us to go there and stay there. She’s the one with a house. Not us. I mean that in an ownership way. But none of us have a pool which is cool.

I just want to be there for Halloween, Thanksgiving, my mom’s birthday, Christmas, New Years… and that should be enough.

We’ll that’s my sad story.

I’m back at work and it’s… yeah. Work.


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