When ‘Rona Calls – Pretend To Be Busy

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy.

3 days into our trip, we got the call.

Brendan’s friend (the bride from the wedding we were just at) messaged him letting him know the bridesmaid we went out after with was trying to contact us. Her and her boyfriend tested positive. What a blow!!

It made sense though. Brendan was feeling shitty the last 2 days. The real kicker was that me and the bridesmaid actually shared the same drink, so the worry was on me. I wasn’t feeling any symptoms though.

Soon as we got the news his mom pulled out some rapid allergen tests and we all did one. Within 2 seconds Brendan’s lit up – Positive. He did another one – Positive.

It was my turn. I admitted I had a blocked nose and sore throat but that was it. I boiled it down to hay fever which I get. And I do tend to get sick when I get an extreme change of weather. Besides that, I was fine.

I did my 1st one – negative.
2nd one – negative.


We’ve slept in the same bed. We’ve done stuff. We’ve made out. I even drank from the same bottle as the chick! But okay. I wasn’t going to argue with it.

Today we woke and Brendan still felt bad. He said worse! Me, I’m fine. Same issue though just a stuffy nose. We did another test in the morning and it turned out the same way.

This trip hasn’t been what we expected at all. Brendan has been locked up in his old bedroom like a 17 year old boy expect this time he has a girlfriend… Lucky I talked him into bringing his laptop because he saw I was bringing mine and questioned it. “What else am I supposed to do when we’re at your mom’s for a couple days?”. Seems I had the right idea because it’s been one positive so far (besides the RAT test).

This sucks for me so I can only imagine how shit it is for him. He hasn’t seen his friends or family for over a year and yet here he is locked up in quarantine. He’s been doing the rounds and letting people know he can’t see them. I haven’t even met his sister and we were supposed to do dinner together. Some people he hasn’t seen in 3-4 years. We had a lot planned. This definitely wasn’t on the cards, but I’ll be honest, I expected it. We’ve dodged covid for over 2 years and so far it seems I’m still dodging. However, it shows that it doesn’t really matter. It really depends on the person. It’s been 4 days since the wedding and prior to the event we were all made to do tests. At the time we were negative. How is it that Brendan is suffering but I’m not? I do still have time to kick in though. It’s only day 4.

It’s crap being apart though. Being in separate rooms. I don’t even want to be in the same room as his mom. What if I do come up positive tomorrow or Friday? So, I’ve been sitting and drinking outside all day and when I’m inside I’m standing 2 meters apart with disinfectant, hand sanitizer and wet wipes just wiping everything as I go past.

Besides that, I’m feeling pretty good. Brendan says his body is starting to ache. I told him to have a shot of whiskey. I saw that it can help your throat and also soothe muscles.

We’ll see how I go tomorrow. I’ll do another test. I did my 4th one just before dinner and it came back okay, so I’m really REALLY confused. But I’ll take it.

That is not what you want to see on a holiday

  One thought on “When ‘Rona Calls – Pretend To Be Busy

  1. April 7, 2022 at 5:39 am

    Uh, I am sorry.


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