You Can Find Me Under My Rock

Welcome back to another episode of Life with Tia.

What’s been going on?

Not a whole lot.

I’m calmer which is good however I’ve also been avoiding looking at the date. FFS! I just did. Honestly, I haven’t been paying attention. But now I know it’s the 17th which means all this stuff is going to be coming up real soon.

I tell you what though, avoiding calls ands texts, not looking at the date, living day by day and not talking to anyone really slows time down a little bit. Or at least I thought that up until right now. I thought I was going good.

I am.

I’d say I’m going better.  

That just means a lot of things will need to be pushed into motion today and tomorrow to have things arranged by the 1st of April.

I only just started re-thinking about what to wear to the wedding coming up and found 2 dresses I’m fond of.

Mind you, I’d probably come up to their shoulder I’m so short so I’m hoping if I did purchase something like this it wouldn’t come down to my ankles…. But I’m trying to figure out which one is best.

My real estate hasn’t told me the new house inspection date so that’s on the list for… Friday I’m thinking.

I’ve decided I’m going to steam clean the carpets this weekend… maybe next weekend. Depends which one comes later. I’ve never done it before so I figured it would be fun.

Everyone’s going back in the office Friday as well. I haven’t told my boss that it’s everyone except me. I should probably do that tomorrow, eh?

As you can see not much happening since last post. I’ve been trying to live under a rock to avoid the light but once in awhile I gotta come out and this is what happens.

I’ll go hide back under there again till the week is over.

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