3rd Day Running

Not just for posting but also working out.

I didn’t do anything hectic today. Just a quick 20 minute session to get it out of the system. I was doing so good. I ate well and was going fine then I got a msg from a person at work and I didn’t appreciate their tone. Mind you I finished work at 5pm and this msg came through at 6:30. It had me reaching for my laptop to prove then wrong but it got me feeling a type of way. Not to mention I’ve been feeling off about the job all week so next minute I’m smoking outside with a bottle of wine.

It’s all good though. I’m over it now.

Probably because I’m a bottle of wine down… Until tomorrow.

I managed to eat relatively okay though. No coffee.

Carrots and yogurt for lunch with a handful of nuts.

Dinner was prawn rice paper rolls with satay sauce.

Don’t mind my gross nails. The fake ones came off and I’m trying to grow.

I also started the day with a quick walk with the dogs and Vader (for the first time ever) he didn’t walk like an idiot and was so well behaved. He usually tuggs as so hard on the lead and dashes every which way but today he walked with no tension and was chill. So nice.

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