Props Where Props Due (On March 2)

It may seem premature to pat myself on the back for clocking another day of working out but I’mma do it.

Cause I did it.

I woke up scared to stand up but once I was up I realized I wasn’t as bad as I thought.

Work busted my ass all day but all I wanted to do was go out and exercise. I finished work a little later than expected and started at 6. Finished at 7. I didn’t want to over do it. But I’m still feeling pretty motivated which is a great feeling.

I took notice of what I ate today and remembered that I HAD TO EAT SOMETHING if I was planning on moving my body. It’s hard for me to eat the regular 3 meals when my favorite meal is dinner.

So today I had:

Breakfast: 2 coffees with oat milk.

Lunch: A bunch of carrots with Greek yogurt and celery with peanut butter

Dinner: I felt like something Mexican so put together some Mexi style lettuce cups

I also did better on my steps today.

But tomorrows a new day.

I got some plans for it but the way my body is aching right now can make or break it.

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