Game of Stones – Opinion

It’s 12:22am on a school night and I’m laying in bed watching normal TV (which is rare af! I can’t find the remote for the set top box so I’ve decided to suffer). This channel I’m watching is just filled with those real crappy reality shows. Your Storage Wars, Repo Man type shit. Just so staged. But this one that just came on is one I’ve never seen.

Game of Stones.

Jesus Christ. I’m lost for words. How the fuck can people watch this? It’s scripted. It’s beyond scripted. And to know there are people out there who would be like “Nah, it’s real!”.

The head honcho of the show claims that as a 13-year-old child he dropped out of school to go to Thailand with his dad. But while there his dad abandoned him, so he LIVED ON THE STREETS OF THAILAND! I REPEAT, FUCKING THAILAND! A 13-year-old kid…. A white, overweight, American kid, just living in Thailand, alone. So, he started to sell frickin’ gems for money. Like rubies. Those sorts of gems.

Man, I have so many questions. So many damn questions.

  1. A parent abandoning a kid in another country. And no one notices this shit? No family members, neighbors. How about a mother?
  2. The guy also says while talking about his abandonment that there’s a possibility, he left his dad. So, he just got sick of his dad while on a fucking holiday and the dad is like “Yeah, no problem. See ya later, son”. Get the fuck out of here with that!
  3. The “security” guy he has on this show is named “Fear”….. Fear. Jesus Christ.
  4. There’s a villain in this show as well. A rival! His arch nemesis doesn’t just like to buy gems… he likes to buy the whole mine! Scary…

How about we all just admit that these shows are just inflated, possibly true stories made for entertainment purposes? I know whoever is reading this will know that. I know that!

I had to check and see how overdramatized the story of being abandoned was. Yes, I guess I got sucked in. And yes, that was a loose story. Apparently, he was 15 years old and went back packing. No mention of the living on the street bit so I take it that may be a no.

Oh! Now they’re running from Cambodians with guns. They’re trying to find a very rare gem and had to go to the little villages that is en route to where the drug trade happens so yanno… 4 white guys creeping around villages and hiding in the grass will probably get a gun pointed at you.

I can’t believe I watched this. It was more for educational purposes, so you don’t have to watch it.

Just saw a commercial for Street Out Laws… can’t wait to watch that monstrosity.

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