The Ball Is Rollin’!!

I can’t remember the last time I had such a productive day. The day was so damn good that I had a fresh loaf of sourdough bread before 10am. I mean, it did take 18 hours to prep but it was worth it.

To keep the good vibe going and since I’ve been really motivated to get this damn license over and done with the last couple days, I called a couple driving instructors up to try and get this test booked in. I didn’t have much luck. I called a few people yesterday as well and one particular instructor tried telling me to take a train to him so he could do the lesson then he would drop me back off at the station….. I don’t see guys like that anymore. So, it was a quick pass.

Before I could book with an instructor to get the driving test done, I had to complete my hazard test.

Which I did.

And which I passed!

It was way easier than I expected. They give you 45 minutes, and I did it in 8. I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but I took it as a positive. I’ve been all hopped up on confidence the last couple days since driving on the freeway on the weekend. I figured now was a good time to familiarize myself with how that works and I gotta admit it was okay. Maybe that helped me on the test. I had to stay vigilant.

After I did the hazard test and passed, I called a random driving school that was suggested to me and they got everything sorted in 5 minutes. No hitches, no making me travel somewhere. And the guy arranged for a lesson on the 9th of December just to practice things I’m concerned about. And then the best thing, I booked in for my driving test! 13th of January at 2:20pm! And the nice instructor is going to pick me up an hour before so we can have a lesson and then he’ll do the test!

Oh, I’m so excited!

After that I started looking at cars. Turns out I’m in exactly the same place I was this time last year. Car searching! Except this time, it’s my car and my choice. I didn’t get much of a choice last time so I’m real hyped.

Last year I wanted either a Suzuki Swift or a Toyota Yaris. Nothing has changed. I found a 2015 Yaris online and messaged the seller, so we’ll see how that goes.

At first, I thought I should wait till Jan until I pass. Then I was wondering if there’s any point to me getting a car and maybe we should share for a bit. But then I realized that I would like to get my nails done without having to wait for Brendan to finish work. Or go to the shops. And what about when Brendan has to start going to the office while I’m at home? He’ll have the car and I’ll be stuck waiting for him to come home from work all tired to take me out. Nope! I need my own car.

If I don’t find one now, I don’t care. I’m browsing. And if a good deal comes up I’ll check it out and maybe get it.

After all this productivity I then wanted to go for a drive to practice the freeway again. Much to my surprise when I hopped in the car it didn’t turn on. You see, I left the light on and drained the battery. I knew this was the case right away. Why you ask? Because this is the second time, I’ve done it in less than a week! My last post talked about it. Well, this time I didn’t have my dad or anyone over. So, I remembered my cousin lives 5 minutes from me. I don’t talk to him often and see him maybe twice a year, but he was lovely enough to come over and jump start the car…

Yup, another good reason to have 2 cars. In case I drain the battery. Seems to be my “thing” at the moment. And I really hope it doesn’t become a habit.

After all that excitement I came home and made leek and asparagus soup and continued with my car search.

Kinda looks like prison food

And in regards to my lack of daily food posts, just know I am still being “accountable” just not very well. I’ll get back to it.

But this was my day!

  One thought on “The Ball Is Rollin’!!

  1. Timothy Price
    November 24, 2021 at 12:59 am

    Great looking bread.


  2. November 24, 2021 at 3:10 am

    Congratulations on passing the test, getting your license and the delicious looking bread!


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