Food Log 16.11.2021 – I Lost Count

I stopped keeping track of anything that touched my mouth after my smoothie this morning.

I didn’t even know I had a sweet tooth until last night when all I wanted was cookies, candy and chocolate. Why did I even bother buying all these veggies and crap when I’m really craving the bad stuff?

Here’s what I put in my mouth today in no particular order cause I can’t remember. And everything is going to be classified as a snack because I ate at no particular time. The best way to describe today’s eating in one word is : Hoover.

Food Ingested Today:

  • Berry Smoothie
  • Noodles
  • Chicken Salad
  • Large McDonalds Thickshake
  • A couple Rollos
  • Injera
  • Half a piece of Iraqi Bread
  • Cheese Sandwich
  • Some party candies
  • A couple Pumpkin cupcakes
  • Sour Cream and Chives rice cakes x2
  • A gingerbread cookie
  • A corner of a shortbread cookie… I had to taste test

And that’s it.

It seems like a lot. But it’s not THAT much. I’ve definitely ate worse. I’m surprised there’s no fried food in there or take-away especially since I went to McDonalds. I purely wanted a thickshake (I have been craving it for over a week). I didn’t have dinner so… maybe I can take that into consideration.

This sudden urge for sugar and my intense bloating could only mean one thing….

I’m a week away from my body reminding me that I’m not pregnant. Which is good but bad. It always comes just at the start of a diet or something. I really plan this shit bad. But who am I to come between my body and nature.

So, I went out and stocked up on chocolate and candies. I got a fair bit but trust me, I don’t eat it all the time. I literally only want it for a couple days out of the month and any chocolate or candy I have in the house lasts months! I’ve been told I’m a hoarder when it comes to this (and many things). But I got enough to get me through at least 2 and a half months.

I think I’m going to call this week a write off.

I can’t get on track until this forthcoming issue is out of the way.

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