Food Log 15/11/2021 – I Caved

Today started out good but ended up bad.

I guess I finished the day with a bang but it’s ok. I’m okay with it.

I’ve made peace and it tasted good.

I fixed it up though. May not have been the best thing to do since I’m trying to be “good” but at the same time there is some saying about… baby steps or something. So that’s what I’m doing. Steppin’ like a baby.

I’m not trying to go cold-turkey with the eating and the “moving on with my day”. I say any reduction on either part is an improvement. When you’re used to eating for 3 hours straight per day for no reason and NOT moving on with your day then I’d say what I’m doing is good despite any mess ups I do in the week.

I can see the good side of this. And I’m trying to go down this route because the starving, restricting and then going off the rails aint working.

So, lets try this way for a bit and not get sad when things don’t go how I planned.

One plus is I snuck Ollie out the house today and took him for an afternoon walk. I really wish I could walk both dogs at the same time but Vader is just too much. I had to wait till Brendan went on lunch so he could take Vader in the back and have a play with him and me and Ollie left.

I feel bad… but he goes out for a walk later to make up for it.


  • Same as every day. Oat Milk Cappuccino


  • Berry Smoothie


  • Salad w/cherry tomato, purple onion, Habanero pepper, Vintage cheddar cheese
  • Garlic Olive Oil


  • I made a crappy homemade broccoli and tomato soup that I ruined by putting too much stock in which in turn made it too salty.
  • It’s possible I can salvage it
  • It made me not want to eat it

So, because my soup was garbage and the last two days I’ve been feeling real peckish, I cried for some junk food and drove to KFC cause I wanted a Zinger burger.

I was feeling shitty about it but then when I went to the window to collet my order the kid at it was American which took me by surprise (I live in the suburbs about 35 minutes from the city. The chance of meeting an American/Canadian that for out is low. It’s already kinda low anyways but this was surprising).

The best part was when I he told me to Have a Zinger day!”. Well, any troubles I had melted away. I was so impressed with his enthusiasm that it got me excited. I suddenly felt like I was on my way through to an amusement park ride. The kid got me pumped for shitty chicken!

I loved it!

We really need that sort of gusto sometimes in life. It was refreshing. Which reminds me, I should put in a compliment for him cause at least he’s trying and it perked me up.

I needed the perking considering I ordered 2 Zinger burgers, 10 Wicked Wings and a large chips.

I ate 1 burger and 4 wings. Chips got destroyed though.

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