My Job And I (It’s About Damn Time)

It’s official! FINALLY!! After being in this role for about 18 months and being the only one out of the 3 people who were picked to go into this department,


This was announced right after my mild anxiety attack, so I was a little out of breath but still real damn relieved. I think I brought up the fact that I was the only one not with a permanent role so many times that my boss was probably getting sick of hearing my passive aggressive comments.

“Well… at least if you guys put me back on the phones I got a lot of knowledge now about how things work”.
“Well… At least I’ve learnt enough to get a new job somewhere else”.
“Well… You guys will have to train someone else to do my work”

That was just some of the things I would say to my boss. But alas, no need to any more. I’m in. Now if anything does happen with my team or my role unfortunately, they will make me redundant but I’ll get offered a payout I guess (I really hope that doesn’t happen). The permanent position is good though. It comes just a week and a half after my 5 years at the company so I’m definitely making some sort of progress here.

We also got told that our titles will be changed. I’m not only a perm in the department but I’m now  – Partner Operations Support Lead. Sounds way better than Broadband support. I can be taken a little more seriously now. This also comes with a pay rise. I don’t know what it is yet but it won’t be less than what I’m getting and I’m happy with that.

So, all in all it was a good day. With I guess a “promotion” of sorts. To be honest, a couple months ago my boss called me and said that he wanted to change the way the team worked and instead of giving out tasks he decided he wanted to divide us into channels. He was pretty happy to let me know what he wanted me to do and to be honest I was actually real damn happy that he gave me the better piece of the cake. Or as my boss referred to it, the biggest piece.

Because the company I work for is so big we have A LOT of different departments and a lot of them are on the phones. Lucky for me I’m not (those days are over.. for now I think). My team only deal with broadband/internet and I got given the responsibility of taking care of all the inbound agents in Melbourne and Adelaide as will as our Outbound team in Melbourne (this probably means nothing to anyone reading but its more of a reminder to myself if I read this in a years’ time).

What I have to deal with is everything broadband related. Right from when the order gets submitted to the provisioning to the activation and any requested follow ups thereafter. I’m there giving feedback, helping with coaching, dealing with failed orders and address issues. I have to liaise with general and operations managers, talk about issues were having with our stakeholders, come up with processes for things and just be involved with legit everything that I want to be. I like helping so this works out.

Plus, I also get to help some of my friends who are still on the phones. I’m what they call “the go-to” person. I help agents, team leaders, managers with anything and everything. Literally…. ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING! And if I can’t help them I have to find the person who can and be the middle guy.

When I read all that, I actually do a lot. And that’s not even all the things I do!

Damn straight I got a permanent position. I’m also learning reporting, dealing with errors in another product we have and giving a heads up to the product developer manager. Like.. my job can be full on. Especially when I have to deal with address issues and system problems.

“Why isn’t the address coming up in NBNco?”
“Why has my order failed?”.

I like my job though. It’s fun. And I like that I’m kinda of being taken more seriously.

On to another subject – I got my tax back and I got paid today so my bank account looks like it’s ballin’.

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