The Place NOT To Be

So here we go. Another lockdown update and by the way I’m posting about it, it really seems like this thing will never end. Because it doesn’t feel like its EVER GOING TO END!!

Much like our world-famous stage 4 lockdown last year where we had a curfew and couldn’t be outside after 9pm to 5am, it’s back! And we got our restrictions extended so guess who’s stuck indoors for yet another 2 weeks. Our week lockdown has become 2 months real quick. It’s reminiscent to 2020. This is exactly what happened. They keep telling us that it will be one week, then 2 weeks, then it turns into months.

Do I get subsidized rehab if I turn into an alcoholic?

I’ve mentioned it before but this time it’s really sucking for many reasons. Even people I know who are usually pretty chill are becoming restless and saying they need to take some time off work, which is what I’m still needing to plan. Taking annual leave to sit at home isn’t really something I want to do but it’s coming to a point where I need to. I’ve encouraged others to do the same. The burden of working is just not… working.

I haven’t seen my family since May. And I would really like to see them. My mom is also in the process of moving to the States. She’s got her flight booked for the end of the month. That means the next time I would see her wouldn’t be for a couple years. Going by the restriction rules, that would mean that I couldn’t go see her before she leaves. She lives out of my 5km zone, you can’t go to peoples houses and if you are driving around after 9pm you need a permit.

I wouldn’t be allowed to see my mom.

That doesn’t make sense to me.

I may not see my mom for 2 years but that doesn’t matter.

I’m not going to freak out too much. I’m going to wait. But that’s where my head is at the moment.

I can understand people moving interstate. At least it’s not AS bad in some places. But I can understand people moving countries, like my mom. This isn’t a good place to be right now. Sure, the cases are lower than other countries but at what cost? At least if my mom goes, she can take my sister and enroll her in school. She’s 15 years old. She’s a bit of an introvert, has lost connection with people and hasn’t been to school in over a year because they’ve been locked down as well. And when they have been open they seem to open around holidays so she’s back at school for a second then off again, then we go back into lockdown and it’s just a mess. So, it would be good for her to at least spend the last couple years of High School she has left actually at a High School making friends and having a good time. Cause she won’t get that here.

Wish I could go too.

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