Welcome To Lockdown Number Effin’ 6

I feel like it was only last week I was talking about getting out of lockdown 5.0 and saying how I had to get all this stuff done before the next inevitable lockdown. Oh wait, it was last week. And yet here we are again. It’s like Deja Vu x 6.

It’s crazy how stupidly quick this guy is to lock everyone up in their houses and close business for what? 6 cases? Lose your business and livelihood because of this. It’s almost sick.

Once again, we’re not allowed out unless for necessities, care giving, exercise, getting tested or vaccinated. We can’t go outside of our 5km area, can’t see our friends or family, still can’t go to someone’s house. You can only go outside with 2 people. You can be out for a maximum of 2 hours. At least this time we don’t have a 9pm curfew…

And this goes for 7 days.

At this point it’s a fucking joke. I’m not going to run out and protest but I’m getting over this. I know it’s really starting to affect people’s mental health. It’s done that from the beginning but I’m starting to hear the desperation in peoples voices and see how fed up people are getting. Even for someone like me who thrives in seclusion, I can feel me just slowly feeling pissed off. This thing has literally consumed everyone’s lives. It’s all people talk about it. It’s on the news all fucking day. And I’m just fed up with it.

This is me venting.

And it’s probably the most negative I’ve really been about it. This whole time I’ve been rather neutral but it’s coming to a point where I don’t care.

I’m sick of having the conversation and the planning and cancelling. I didn’t bother booking in a place next week to see my friend who I haven’t seen since May and prior to that was December. Prior to that was March! I knew this was going to happen. Its so fucking predictable.

Closing the state down because of 6 cases… Insane shit right here.

Good-bye businesses who just came out of a week and a half lockdown last week. Who bought all their supply again only to be told they have to shut up shop BUT will still have to pay the lease for their shop and employees (if you have any left). Now imagine this is your 6th time doing it. And remember the fact that you were in lockdown for 3 months at one point with no revenue.

Yeah, I think I’m sad for those people the most.

One day we’ll be allowed out.

But of course, not without a vaccination passport…

So many damn rules.

Wish I was a kid back in the 90’s. I think we can all agree those were definitely simpler times.

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