Amity Free Day Today

This is my cat Amity.

She’s a beauty. She’s got a great personality. She’s loving. She’s got good fur and she’s very affectionate.

As much as I love her though, she’s a stage 5 clinger.

I feel like I’m dealing with some single white female shit sometimes. There is definitely a such thing as too much love and at the moment I’m smothered in it. It seems like most people who want a cat want one who is personable and will hang out with you but trust me when I say this, sometimes it’s too much. Covid hasn’t helped this. She’s used to seeing me every single day, 24/7 for the last 18 months. She’s always been loving but now it’s as if she runs the place with me included.

Let me explain how my life has been hijacked by this cat.

7am: She’s at my face or laying on me in some way.
8am: She’s screaming at me for food even though I don’t feed her. If she doesn’t get food right when she wants it the screaming will continue until she eats.
8:30am: There’s some peace while she eats.
9-11am: She’s sitting with me while I work.
11am: We go downstairs together and she sits on the couch with the dogs while I get a coffee and watches me.
11:30 -1:30pm: Back sitting on me while I work.
1:30-2pm: Back downstairs while I get lunch.
2:30pm-5pm: Sitting on me.
5pm-6pm: Downstairs while I make food.
6pm onwards: With me watching me or laying on me AND watching me.

There are times I try to push her away. If I close the bedroom door she yells and will start pushing it open till eventually she gets in. Then I chase her out. She will do this any time the door is shut and if it’s night time, good luck getting to sleep. We just let her yell sometimes hoping she’ll tire herself out. Thats what people do with babies, right?

Other times if I try to push her away or out the room she’ll flop on the floor, her pupils go big real quick and she’ll try to bite me or scratch me. I don’t think she means it in a mean way. She just tries to force her will on you. She will continue to do this till she gets her way. Or she’ll act like she’s listening to you but will keep coming back. She’s very persistent. And eventually you just give up… She wins and all is peaceful.

If I get up to go to the toilet, she’s there waiting outside the door.
If I go to take a shower, she’s there waiting outside the door.
When she lays in bed with me she has to be in a position where she can see me and then she just stares like a psycho.

Like this….

SO!!!! This is why I’m having an Amity free day. I told Brendan yesterday I needed a holiday away from her. He can look after her for a couple days. I just need a break. And today is the start to my little break.

Brendan hasn’t let her bother me today. I’ve barricaded my room door with pillows so she can’t bulldoze herself through. She has been walking up and down the hallway meowing like a maniac. Even doing these low tone, throaty ones as if she’s lost or abandoned. She’s not convincing me though.

I opened the bedroom door to find her at the top of the stairs staring daggers at my door. I assume her being at the other end of the house is because Brendan caught her mid scream and shooed her down the stairs. Soon as I opened up my door Brendan opened his and we met in the middle.
“Is she trying to get into the room again?”
“No… I just heard her yelling and wanted to see what she was doing and found her sitting there”
I replied.
And with that Brendan went and forced her down the stairs to deter her from being a stalker.

I did go downstairs just before and it seems his method is working. She’s now waiting in the middle of the stairs instead of the top.

Brendan says she can’t sleep with me anymore. That’s fine. She actually only just started sleeping with me in the last month. She would sleep in my bed as a kitten but generally she sleeps on the couch with the dogs or upstairs in the other livingroom. I guess letting her in the bed got to her head.

The day is nice and quiet so far. I don’t feel like I’m struggling to move cause she’s usually on my laptop, arm, leg, you name it.

Let’s hope it stays quiet.

But she’s not happy today that’s for sure.

The place to be

  One thought on “Amity Free Day Today

  1. Timothy Price
    July 23, 2021 at 12:01 am

    She’s a really sweet looking kitty and she is enamored with you. With seven cats so I always have a cat at hand.


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