I Think I’m Using WordPress Wrong

I’ve always had a couple gripes about WordPress. I hated that every time I started writing a post, if it took me 2 hours to write it on the site, when I eventually published it, it would post it 2 hours before the time I hit post. So it would always get lost among the tags cause it would say I posted it 2 hours ago… when I just hit publish. But I see that has been fixed. Only took a good couple of years and me going MIA for 6 months.

On the topic of tags…. the tags. Sometimes I get what I’m looking for. Other times I get a purge of porn under #vent or a haul of random posts about podcasts. It’s like a less sociable version of Tumblr on here sometimes except I don’t find any real interaction.

The tag system is bent as well. Can only do 11 tags? Unless they fixed that too?? Look, I’m still learning of some of the new features. The podcast idea is cool but me putting one of my posts in the form of a podcast would literally be me talking for 2 minutes. And no one wants to hear that. Plus, I tried doing it the other day and my voice is disgusting. And I don’t want some fake person reading out my post. But honestly, I sounded like I was auditioning for a play.

I think WordPress needs to do an overhaul. Clear out the ghost blogs. That’s probably been my biggest issue with this site. I want to connect with people but there seems to be more self promotion of garbage than people talking about actual things. Or maybe all the real people don’t tag and don’t want to be found.

I have 343 “followers”. No, I don’t. Because the comments are empty and the interaction is almost 0. WordPress needs to do what Instagram did and cull the blogs that are nothing. Remember how people would have like 10k follower’s on IG and then they said “Nah.. we’re deactivating all the bots and ghost accounts”? Put it this way, my followers would go down to 10 and that would be fine. I’d rather have an number that closely resembles the interactions on my blog.

“Ohhhh… she has 600 people following her… than why does she only have 2 likes and no comments?”

My point! It looks weird and I want it to be real. If there’s no one reading, don’t put it out there like there is. It’s like people who buy followers.

And also, I know half these blogs that follow are trying to get a follow back but I can’t see myself following a web design or learn to blog site. Really?

I do respect people who have the followers and the comments to back up the numbers. One thing I have noticed is those sites usually cater to an audience. Religious American women? I see a lot of them on here. Then we got the ones who talk like their armchair psychologists and give motivational posts to people. Yeah, I can’t see me doing that. It can be uplifting though. I will say, I’m a sucker for a cooking blog though. Even if it’s just a daily post of food without the recipe. I do follow those back.

Regardless of how my blog comes across, I am the sort of blogger I would want to read and those are the bloggers I try to find. But it seems they don’t last long. They start off strong then go away (much like myself at times but I do come back). There’s actually some I miss reading from years ago and I wonder what happened to them. I loved reading about their day or hearing about the good and the bad things that have happened. I just figure if I find more engaging people maybe I will be more engaged too.

Anyhoo… That’s been on my mind a little.

Cull the fake accounts, WordPress. I want some real followers.

  One thought on “I Think I’m Using WordPress Wrong

  1. July 21, 2021 at 10:39 am

    🤔 I highly doubt that all of your followers are fake. You probably have real people who hardly participate.

    WordPress has done an overhaul numerous times. I remembered users kicking a fuss when they redesigned the dashboard area back in 2012.

    Today, some people are making a big deal about the Block Editor (I do not blame them because the older editor was much easier to use).

    Actually, you are allowed to have fifteen tags per blog post. If you exceed fifteen tags, your blog posts will not show up in the WordPress Reader.

    I recommend using the range of five to ten tags per blog post (It would help in the area of visibility in the WordPress Reader).

    Always check the date along with the time before pressing the “Publish” button.

    I truly hope that things work out well for you with your WordPress blog.

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    • July 21, 2021 at 2:57 pm

      No, you’re right about the followers not being all fake. That was more me being sarcastic and dramatic but I do think alot of them are just following for the potential follow back much like IG and normally I would follow but it’s a lot of sites for selling stuff. Mostly online services which obviously I don’t see the point in following me and that’s when it comes down to follow for follow.

      I’ve actually been on WordPress for 10 years have seen so many changes. I actually don’t mind the redesign and the blocks took me little to get used to. Still getting used to it. Sometimes my paragraph goes 2 blocks higher… actually I’m not 100% sold on it and I do miss the old editor. But it’s okay.

      Thanks for letting me know about the 15 tags being allowed. I usually put 10 but wasn’t aware 15 was allowed now. I used to have an issue when I’d put 11 and my blog wouldn’t be visible.

      And the date, thankfully that has been fixed. Writing a post in word and then pasting it in to WordPress as fast as I could would annoy the hell out of me.

      I appreciate your comment. It really did help sort some of my issues out.

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  2. Timothy Price
    July 21, 2021 at 11:01 am

    WordPress has a lot of issues. I have 2685 followers after 11 years of blogging. Many of those followers are people who set up their blog and started following me and as many blogs they could hoping the other bloggers would follow them. When someone follows me, I will check out their blog and if it’s something I’m interested in, I’ll follow them if they look interesting. But most of the time I don’t follow those bloggers that follow me because I’m not interested in their blog, or they post too many irrelevant posts. There are people who post for the sake of posting. New bloggers that follow a lot of bloggers, but then they don’t last, is one way you end up with ghost followers. Some people develop their blog into decent blogs, and then what I post is really of no interested to them, so no likes or comments.

    My blog grew out of a CaringBridge blog, but I wasn’t going to try and keep going on about cancer. What people found most interesting on the CaringBridge blog were my photos, so I made a photo blog, and I have found it useful as a chronicle/daily diary as well. I try to vary posts with different interests and the seasons to make my blog as interesting as possible. Especially since I post every day.

    I’ve never really cared about having a lot of followers. In reality, if I got comments from all 2685 followers everyday, I would never have time to answer them. I’m really thankful for the faithful followers I have that I can engage with, but it gets hard to find time to give thoughtful replies to the comments I get now.

    You have really valid complaints about WordPress, but I don’t think they will listen. I found you interesting enough to follow, and I try to comment as much as possible, but so many times I just don’t have time to give you a thoughtful or silly comment, whichever is needed. But please do carry on.


    • July 21, 2021 at 3:05 pm

      You’re alright Timothy! I appreciate any comment you can give. And plus, I see how popular you are haha.

      I’ve been on WordPress since 2011 (the original blog is now long gone) but obviously the difference between me and you is that you stick to it (besides the fact that you have a topic/vibe as well).

      I love that you have the motivation to post every day and you’re right. You do have loyal followers who love seeing your daily photos, like myself when I come on.

      And again you are right about posting irrelevant stuff. I can be thrown into that at times as well. I treat this place like a journal and I’m not wanting more followers or comments but some of the things I mentioned was just more around community. I remember writing years ago before I found WordPress, I don’t remember the site now, but there was a lot of interaction and activity. I miss that at times. BUT!!! That’s on me too. I do try to make myself known to others and give other blogs the sort of love I would think they would want by commenting and actually reading peoples posts. I have to give love to potentially get it lol

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      • Timothy Price
        July 21, 2021 at 11:28 pm

        Consistency has it’s benefits, but I don’t think it is necessary. After moving from CaringBridge to BlogSpot and then WordPress, I was blogging as a therapy, and then it turned into to something I do daily. There has been many times I would like to quit blogging, but I continue to press on, realizing it’s good for me to have to think up content and be creative. One of the reasons I went with a photography oriented blog after CaringBridge, is that if I’m really busy, tired, simply don’t feel like being creative, I can post a single photo for that day. My followers are happy to see a photo, and I haven’t had give myself anxiety over what to post.

        I also try to be positive and add humor to my posts. There are so many bad and depressing things going on in the world that I don’t need to add to the bitchiness and negative atmosphere that the bodies politic, popular press and so many people promote. I’ve always been a contrarian and I’m contrary by looking mostly at the positive sides of life. Not always, but as much as possible.

        You are a good photographer, therefore, if you wanted to have more consistency, post a photo when time constraints or mood doesn’t allow you to post anything else.

        I think most everyone posts irrelevant stuff at times, but I was referring to bloggers who do blog posts like they are on FaceBook. That’s their prerogative, but I’m not going to follow or pay attention to their posts.

        Are you feeling better or are you still having stomach pains? I didn’t get a chance to comment on you fasting posts.


      • July 22, 2021 at 1:53 pm

        You’ve really been around the blogging sphere! I like how you found something that works for you though and you know how you like to work.

        I used to just post a picture when I didn’t have anything to write about. Maybe I should start doing that again. I have so so so many pictures that I’ve taken but haven’t edited or just forgot about. I always intended to post them but then just forgot about them. I kind of stopped looking at WordPress as more than just a journal. Thanks for reminding me that it’s more.

        And thanks for asking me about my pains. I still haven’t been to a doctor cause we got locked down for another 7 days. So this coming Tuesday we should be “free” again. Then I can book into see a new doctor. But it’s just a dull ache still. Not in my back anymore. Almost like a hunger pain but all the time. We’ll see if its something soon though 🙂

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      • Timothy Price
        July 22, 2021 at 2:05 pm

        Lock downs are so unnecessary, and they put people like you at risk. especially if you have a serious problem that needs to be dealt with. The appetites for oppressing people by the powers that be seems to be insatiable.

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      • July 22, 2021 at 10:54 pm

        I agree! Completely.

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