Fasting Update

Yeah…. it’s going good. I’ve locked myself in the room only leaving for the toilet and to get some tea. I’m on my second pot of it. It’s going down well considering it’s also freezing and storming outside.

First one

I opened up my fridge when I went downstairs to boil the kettle…. my mouth starting watering at the sight of milk. So I backed up and left.

I feel I may be cheating a little seeing as though the tea I went for is chocolate. It’s not actually chocolate. Just flavored. And brown. I just need to feel like I’m a person right now.

2nd one

Funny enough the last couple days I can get to around 2pm without eating but today I woke up starving. I got to do at least one day though. Just so my brain can feel better. Despite my body.

I got a headache – I dont think it’s cause I’m foodless. Work has been so intense I actually have been staring at a screen for 5 and a half hours straight without a break (which isn’t encouraged). I had to put myself as ‘away’ for 30 minutes just to get away from the glare.

I’m also squinting alot. But I think that’s because I’m not wearing my glasses like I should.


Seems like every time I voice to the world I’m on a diet someone or something throws food at me.

I just got a delivery. I’ve been working on a project at work involving another company because we struck a deal with them. So, their servicing our customers and we’re using their resources and blah blah blah. Anyways, the rollout was yesterday after months of planning and meetings, they sent me a nice bottle of wine and some cookies!

Side note.. the project we were working on they called Oberon so it’s pretty cute the sent a wine called that.

I’m not going to drink it through. I’mma wait.

I am going to eat dinner though. I’ve decided. Because look at this:

It says that I can eat ay 10pm tonight. Thats not a good time to eat. No one should be eating dinner at that time. So, I have to eat to reset the clock. Plus, I’m hungry. But I think that’s rather logical. I should be starting off slow anyway. What am I doing to myself?

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