Let’s Try This Again

Okay, let’s try this again.

I’m going to try this fasting thing again. It worked in the past but it’s just another one of the MANY things I haven’t kept to. But in my defense, I got to a weight I was good with so probably wouldn’t be a good idea to fast and lose more weight. However, it’s come to my attention I’m slowing gaining and this time I can’t be surprised. I eat a lot of shit. But now it’s like a habit. So, we gotta break this cycle. STARTING NOW!! Like, actually right now. I have started fasting as of… 23 minutes and 32 seconds ago. And I’m serious this time.

Now I just have to keep myself on track. That’s the issue. How to do that? I’ve joined those Facebook groups. I’ve got those apps where you check-in and can discuss crap on forums..

My plan is stay away from downstairs (that’s where the fridge is).

And that’s basically all I got for today.

  • Water
  • Water
  • Coffee (maybe….. maybe not…. fine it will be a no cause I can’t have it without milk or sugar)
  • Tea

Okay.. this is going to be tough starting off.

I’m going to need all the willpower and support I can get. I’m hoping Brendan won’t even say the word “food” or it may be a bust.

Sounds much better

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