Happy Fried Chicken Day

This should be a public holiday. Not just a national day to be recognized. I’m suggesting that on this day people should have the day off work *the blog erupts into applause*. Unless of course you operate your own fried chicken restaurant then this is the day you need to be working! It would probably be one of the most profitable holidays for you though so you wouldn’t mind working the day anyway.

To be honest, if I was the President/Prime Minister/Queen/Lord/Jarl, I would force people to celebrate and give thanks to everything that is chicken. But not just any cooked up chicken. I’m talking fried chicken. The best way to serve it.

It doesn’t matter where you come from. It seems every country has a fry type:



I could literally go on.

I’m definitely down for fried chicken. Any day. Any night. No matter what time. If I’m awake, feel free to feed me.

If I’m asleep and you bring this dish (which will most likely enter my house in a box) through my front door, YOU BETTER WAKE ME UP OR GTFO OF MY HOUSE! But leave the chicken behind, of course.

I’m not going to lie though. I had no idea today was such an important day. If it wasn’t for me innocently checking an app and it telling me, I would have probably continued my day eating soup or stir-fry for dinner. I couldn’t let an event like this go by without some form of celebration. I have told people for years and continue to tell anyone who doesn’t ask “My favorite food is fried chicken/If I could live off of one food for the rest of my life it would be chicken wings”.

Look, I don’t know where this obsession came from. I honestly don’t. But ever since I was a kid I knew there was some sort of bond there (you may think I’m joking here or trying to be funny but I’m actually being 100% serious).

My mom would tell me about how when I was a kid I loved eating chicken. I’m talking real young. Like, 1 years old. Probably shouldn’t have had the bone but I was there eating it. I even got a photo of me at about 2 or 3 sitting at a bench stuffing my face. I use to steal it and sneak it. I still do…. in my own home!

Then I remember being about 6 years old. While everyone wanted to grow up to be a Fire Fighter or Cop I couldn’t wait until I was 16 years old cause I was going to get married and get a job….. at KFC.

Yep, at 6 years old I couldn’t wait to work as a cashier at the worlds most famous eatery (second to McDonalds). I wonder if my husband would have approved.

I can even remember sitting at the old KFC as a kid in Canada. They had the booths with the puffy filled seats and then had round tables throughout. I don’t know why I remember such a dumb thing but maybe it’s cause I’m thinking about it now?

Regardless, CHICKEN!

I do have a saying in my house though:


If you see me eating a fried piece, don’t bother asking me for some cause I wont share. If I do share, it must mean I feel guilty about something or I suddenly became aware of what I was doing, looked within myself and knew I was going to cry about gaining weight later.

My dogs always watch me too… it’s never happened though. They’ve never got a bit from me. And to avoid my boyfriend asking me for a piece of chicken, I will always make sure we have more than we need. That way he can have what he wants and I will never be asked to part with my golden pieces.

Lucky for me, Brendan is the Ying to my Yang. He likes the breast which I can take or leave. So if I tell him to give me all the thighs, I’ll trade any breasts and I’ll even throw in all the drumsticks (but one), we never argue! We all win! And we all live happily every after!

I’ve never met a piece of fried chicken I didn’t like either. Even if I didn’t like it I would probably still eat it.

If we’re talking favorite piece, I’m going to go the thigh. If you’re asking if I like a wing or drummy, it’s going to be the drummy because sometimes when you get the Wicked Wings from KFC they batter the shit out of those bastard so hard it becomes the size of a proper original piece drumstick! I’m a sucker for a Wicked Wing on roids. I feel like I save money when I find one in my order cause you basically get two wings in one with their sizing and battering!

I will admit though, buttermilk batter is something I highly appreciate. Anything buttermilk gets me!

I have branched out and tried other types of fried chicken and I think the next best thing to Southern has got to be the Korean Fried Chicken. That is something else. If I remember correctly they fry their chicken 2 or 3 times? And how they do that without overkilling the meat is beyond me. That’s worth a damn award (I think I’m going to try making that this weekend. Last weekend it was Karaage. Guess, it’s time to try something new).

We went out and got the classic Colonel Sanders spread of 10 original pieces and 11 Wicked Wings (may have threw in some popcorn chicken, chips, gravy and sliders) to celebrate.

I ended the night full and slightly uncomfortable, hating what I did and saying to myself “This is the last time for a couple months”. I’m hoping I stick to my word. But it was worth it.

In conclusion, I love fried chicken.

P.S – I never did get a job at KFC. However, I do have a name tag as well as a KFC hat my best friend gave me from when she was a kid and worked there. So, I kind of feel like a part of the KFC family.

P.P.S – I never got married at 16 either. Or any other time after that age. Still waiting on that one. Man, was I a dreamer…


I’ll be back for National Wing Day.

  One thought on “Happy Fried Chicken Day

  1. Timothy Price
    July 7, 2021 at 12:41 pm

    I haven’t had fried chicken in years. I grill chicken thighs, and use drumsticks to make chicken soup stock, but no fried chicken in a long, long time. I have to admit that KFC is tasty. When I was a teenager, we had the local Golden Fried Chicken. You could order by the piece. I remember a big old crispy chicken breast, a pound of French fries and a coke were heavenly. Your were very practical with you goal of working at KFC when you were 6. You can’t be disappointed for not realizing that dream. Besides, you did get the name tag and a hat.


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