Month: July 2021

Signs I’m Getting Older: Ep01

I’m starting a new category on my blog called “Signs I’m Getting Older”. Some realizations may be confronting. Others may be easy to accept and maybe even for the better. Like today. A couple weeks ago before the lockdown I went to the market and for the first time bought fruit and veg (first time buying at a market. I…

Words Are Not My Strong Point Today

My vocabulary isn’t strong today. The week has caught up with me. Instead my eyes are closing fast. And soon I will be asleep. I’ll be ready tomorrow.

The Boys

This is how me and my sister look together. We got the same mother but we look real different. Much like my sister and I, these 2 guys have the same father. But yet are 2 very different boys with real different personalities. I love these guys ❤

The Sky Is Angry

The last 24 hours have been filled with many crazy weather events. We’ve had rain. We’ve had shine. We’ve had hail. We’ve had wild winds. It’s been a mess. Last night I went to go have a shower and as I’m standing there staring in the mirror trying to hype myself up to undress in such a cold room the…

When I’m Out Of Lockdown….

I can’t believe I’m saying this (writing this). But I want lockdown to be over. This isn’t something I thought I’d ever admit. Lil Miss Homebody over here is wanting to get her ass out of her bed and stop living her 600 Lbs Life. It’s only taken me 16 months to WANT the outside world. But I want it…