Help Is On It’s Way

I had my first counseling session today. I mentioned in yesterday’s post that one of the things I’ve done since I’ve been MIA has been joining a therapy group. To be honest I can explain how it works but I can’t explain what it’s called.

It’s a 12 week eTherapy course? Trial? For research? I got the 12 weeks and eTherapy thing correct at least.

I can’t even remember how I found it. I’m sure it was late at night while I was drunk and feeling shit. I’m guessing I was trawling Facebook to find a random group that can give me some sense of belonging with people I can relate to (it never happens). If I remember correctly it was an ad… Or a post. Regardless, I sent my interest and waited to hear back with more info.

Turns out it’s organized through Sydney University. They gave me the info. I said I was into it. They then called me and asked me some questions to confirm my eligibility. Yes, I ticked all the fucked up boxes. Then I had to go to my doctor, get an ECG, a check up, bloods and my doctor had to sign some papers to say he would be happy to be called if something was wrong. That went fine despite him appearing like he hates his job and accepting me would make me an actual patient to him. He doesn’t come across as someone who likes potential extra work. After that was done I got a 40 minute questionnaire and a way we went.

Now the way this works is good for some and shit for others. You get split into 3 groups.

Group 1: you start the 12 week sessions and do them at your own pace. Every week you get tasks/homework and you just start.
Group 2: you get to start the 12 week sessions however in addition to the weekly tasks you also get a 30 minute session every week with a councilor.
Group 3: you don’t get to start the sessions till week 12. When everyone done…

For me, something actually went my way and I’m in group 2. God knows I need a counselor. But the sessions aren’t like “tell me who abused you” (I don’t think) I’m pretty sure it’s food based. Trying to figure out how to get out of shitty habits.

So, as I mentioned I had my first session today. It was basically a meet and greet that was booked for 30 minutes but went for 60. It went well. And I’m actually excited. The chick was lovely and attentive which is good. My first task for this week is pretty easy. She told me I had to log all my meals including any behavioral things. Date and time it. And then after the week we’re going to look over it together and find patterns. I thought it was great! I love lists. And lucky for her, today was actually my first day back at tracking my food and everything was already written on my whiteboard on the fridge. Instead of starting tomorrow I just started today. No point waiting.

But yeah.. So far so good. Can’t wait to see where this goes, if anywhere.

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