It’s A BIG Week

OH, there is alot of shit coming up this week. It’s going to a jam packed, fun filled 7 day extravaganza! And it all comes into fruition Thursday night.

To be honest, since February it’s been pretty hectic. I’ve booked into a cosmetic surgeon, started in a therapy group, went for a quick 3 day stay in Swan Hill with my mom and sister, went back into the office one day a week, went to a wedding, stayed at my friend’s new apartment, been bowling, movies, plenty of nights out eating, gained some weight… It’s been busy. And this usually continues on until the end of May.

We had a quiet one this weekend but that’s just so we could plan stuff (and maybe play Monster Hunter).

As everyone knows it’s Easter in a couple days. We get the Friday and Monday off so I suggested it was a good idea for Brendan to go see his family and friends back in Sydney. We tried getting flights but the cheapest return for both of us was about $850. So of course I said “fuck that”. Especially when it’s only an hour and a half flight. Instead we decided we’re going to drive there!!! Our first road trip together and it’s about a 10 hour drive.

So the plan this week is :
Monday – clean the house + book hotel.
Tuesday – nails + getting what we need for the ride + cleaning car.
Wednesday – eyelashes.
Thursday – leave after work around 5pm to start our journey. Get to hotel between 10pm-11pm.
Friday – be on the road by 8am. Get to Sydney around 12pm. Meet with Brendan’s friend and stay at his place.
Saturday – drive up to the coast which is just over an hour drive to say hi to his family before going to another friends for the night.
Sunday – family day.
Monday – drive the full 10 hours home.

There’s about 20 people to see in 3 days. I’m already feeling exhausted. I don’t even know that many people but with Brendan it’s different. Not knowing that many people is weird to him. But it’s going to be crazy. And he hasn’t seen anyone for over a year anf a half now. And one of his friends hasn’t seen him for 2 years since he moved here. So it’s going to be cute when they meet again.

I’m going to try not to be this person but I can’t guarantee it

But yeah, road trip. Courtney has volunteered to stay at the house and look after everyone. All I have to do is make her banana bread and show her how to use the TV. I’d say that’s a pretty good trade off. Thank fuck she hates her house lol.

I’m pretty excited though. It’s been so long since I’ve been away but I’m probably way more keen for the road trip. I’m going to make sure I document everything!!

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