Lockdown 3.0

So, it’s happened again. Third lockdown. I had plans this weekend. Many people did. I know of 2 people who were to get married. One got married before the lockdown laws came into place at 11:59pm last night. Another couple had to cancel.

This lockdown is supposed to last 5 days. Today’s the first day till Wednesday. But honestly, who the fuck knows? I don’t think anyone is going to be shocked if they turn around come next week and say JOKES! This was just a buttering up to get you ready for 2 weeks of this shit…. Again!”.

Remember that time they told us that we were going to do a 2 week lockdown and it ended up going for 3 months? Yeah, I do. And I think everyone else does. Hence why people are pissed.

We were supposed to go to a winery Sunday… Thankfully Allie was able to get a refund.
Brendan and I were going to celebrate Valentine’s Day next week because of the outing but turns out we’ll be together and I’m presentless. I thought I’d have time to buy something but I guess not. I still suggested we have VDay next week but maybe we’ll have 2!

To be honest, these lockdowns don’t phrase me. I know that’s fucked up. But I’m not angry. I’m disappointed. But I don’t care really. It doesn’t effect my life. I already work from home, I don’t go out.

Telling me I can’t go 5ks out of my area is easy. I don’t do it any way!
Telling me I can’t have people at my house is fine. I don’t have friends and the people I do know live too far for a pop in.
Face masks? An inconvenience. But again, if you don’t go out you don’t need to wear it, right?

I feel sorry for all those businesses though. One of the biggest holidays especially kicking off the year. People wanting to go out for dinner, flowers being bought. All these places ordered food, took bookings, got orders and then BANG! THROW IT ALL OUT! Not only is it Valentine’s weekend it’s also Chinese New Year. That shit goes for a week and only started ON THE DAY OF LOCKDOWN! That’s fucked up.

I always say it but I feel like a cunt for not really being more effected. Everyone’s angry and I’m just like.. “my life is still continuing like nothing is happening”.

I really do hope this isn’t a 2 week thing. I think if this happens we’ll see a lot more businesses shut down. How can you close, open, close, open and close for the third time and survive? You can’t.


  One thought on “Lockdown 3.0

  1. February 13, 2021 at 10:56 pm

    Your post is fabulous


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