Self Improvement Central

Today is the second day I stuck to something. That’s pretty good. I  remember I tried doing the 30 day squat challenge. I said I had the flu the 2nd day. So that didn’t last long.

But I’m at it again. Well sort of. I’ve been trying to get the squats in with some leg things. I’m trying to commit to something.

This all came about because of my lack of ass and finally getting over it!!!!! I could go the surgery way and have it enhanced but I really don’t want to be standing for 5 weeks while my ass heals. So I was like.. There has to be another way. And of course I Googled before and after pictures and was like.. Sure let’s try this.

I can honestly say after day 1 my thighs were sore. I did 75. Today I did another 75. And now they’re burning. I’m sure that’s a good thing, right?

Another thing I did today to improve my looks was contact a cosmetic surgeon. Yeah, this story took a turn. I kind of just thought “fuck it” let’s just go and get a quote and see how much money it will be to get some confidence back. So, I sent in some pictures and they said they’ll contact me in 2 business days and I guess we’ll go from there.

Oh!!! I almost forgot!! I drove today. Nothing to crazy but I accelerated and I parked. It was just around an empty parking lot but I moved. I’m feeling alittle confident now. But I may go out for a bit every night just to have a play. I’m so excited to book in some proper lessons though. SO EXCITED!!!

Also this week I have an interview with a ED therapy person. I saw they were doing  eTherapy through Sydney University and figured I’d put my hand up. It’s free. I need to get that part of my life sorted out and I’ve never tried before so why not try now??

So this week has so far been all about self improvement of some sort. Whether it be physically doing something or taking steps in the right direction.

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