1st Day In The Office

Last Friday they made me go into the office for the first time in 10 months.

I remember bitching about this the other week however here we are. It’s been done. And guess what, I’m still bitching (surprise).

Look, if it was organized properly I wouldn’t have a reason to complain. But when you tell us one thing and do the other resulting in me being the only one in the office (the only one on the whole floor) for the whole day then I guess we have a problem. As someone mentioned to me “that’s a health and safety issue” cause if anything happened to me while I’m on the clock and not one person was on my floor than my work had a duty of care. Thankfully for all of us, I’m alive. But still bitter.

I really didn’t miss the waking up and leaving so early. Brendan started at 7am so I figured I’d start the same time so I can get a drive in. 5am I was up! My god! The old me came running back. The forgetful, agitated, rushed, half asleep me that packs her bedroom and the bathroom sink in her handbag. I didn’t even have time to make a smoothie but I left with 3 bags worth of shit I didn’t need.

On top of all that I read the weather. It said it wasn’t going to be too bad out but it was going to rain. I failed to read the pouring rain bit. My jacket was windproof. Not exactly rain resistant. So I spent majority of my day soaked through. Even decided to wear my new boots… They cut the backs of my ankles to the point I was limping like I had a hunchback with a dead leg.

Anyways, I got to work at 6:30am and by the time 9am popped around it was evident I was going to be alone all day. Not one person in my team was coming in. One was on annual all week (lucky for them), one was… I dunno. I don’t know that ones reason. I just don’t think they chose Friday as their day to come in, another went in the Thursday and my boss had a parent teacher interview. We had a team meeting at 9:30am and by that point I was basically half way through my day. No one even rocked up to the meeting till quarter to 10. The meeting only went for 30 minutes! One came in for a second to announce they couldn’t make it, my boss stayed for 5 minutes before the teacher meeting and the other one I think stayed till 10am out of pity.

The first thing my boss said to me was “how’s the office?”. I already had 4 smokes and my shirt and socks were wet. My jacket was hung over a chair drip drying and… I wasn’t in the greatest moods.

“I’ll admit, I’m pretty pissed off right now. I mean, being here is kind of a waste of time. It’s pouring rain out, I don’t live close. If I knew this day was optional I would have stayed home. There’s nothing I’m doing here I can’t do at home and I could be doing it in a heated house!”

“Is the office cold?”


All my boss said was how they woke up and saw the weather and thought of me…. Not enough to tell me to not go into work though. They continued to tell me about their kids and they’re excuses for not coming in.

“So what you’re telling me is that if I wanted to get out of this I should start popping out kids right now? Cause I’m the only one in this team who can’t use kids as an excuse”

They just laughed. But I was serious.

One thing I’ve learned though is that it doesn’t matter if I’m in the office with people or alone… I’m fucking distracted.

My God, I’m unproductive!! I could look out the window for 30 minutes at absolutely nothing but the car park and find it more interesting. And that’s exactly what I did… And I drew a picture of it too. I drew alot of pictures that day. But I guess that’s one positive thing to come out of my day. It’s been so long since I did a doodle. Those were things I did at work to pass the time and calm myself down. Since working from home I haven’t done one. Then I get into the office and I spit out 3.

The day went by quick enough and I’m glad I went in so damn early say I could have left so damn early.

I finished the day with some fresh sushi and a cider at my favorite hangout… In the pouring rain.

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