Going Back To The Office

This is not something I don’t want to do.

I don’t miss it.

I think it’s unnecessary.

Put it this way, there’s no rational reason they can give me that makes me think it’s a good idea.

Over here in Melbourne we have most of this Covid thing under control. But I guess with my particular role it’s not necessary for me to travel 50 minutes by train into the city then be in a building all day with god knows who then make my way back again and that’s another 50 minute trip through the centre of the city.

My role doesn’t require me to “collaborate” with people. I sit there and I do my own thing. When the “returning to work” talk was given to us we were told that it was a way for people to have chance meetings and work together in a way that we haven’t been able to last year (although we aren’t allowed to be in meeting rooms). Although stats show that work life balance has improved, productivity has increased and people are essentially working more at the moment (this is all with my company). Sotechnically, the reason why people are going back to work in my case isn’t really for work reasons. It sounds more like it’s social. Which I don’t need. Not only that, we were told our whole department would be the last to go back into the office as everyone’s roles could be done remotely. I find it strange considering that people who are on the phones actually don’t have next week as a date to go back. They don’t even have a day. I thought they would be talked to first!

So, from next week we’re going back one day a week at 50% capacity. My team isn’t too keen on this either especially with my boss having to also to take public transport and currently having his elderly in-laws staying with him. He’s a little nervous. But everyone has agreed to 1 day a week being the Friday. We have to ask for it or request it and we will find out if it’s available or not before we have to go in. I’ve decided to go for the Friday cause I’m assuming everyone will request it and I will never get it. That’s my angle. But I’ve already got the first day back off for annual. It’s Brendan’s birthday so I’d rather not go in. Funny thing about that though, I have his birthday off work but he doesn’t. So I guess I’ll be celebrating it before him. I also got the Monday off and Tuesday is a public holiday so I’ll be off for…. 5 days! Not bad.

Anyways, tonight I will be working on my driving cause God knows I need this more than ever now.

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