2020 – A Quick Reflect

I went downstairs not long ago to go scope out the fridge and while I was down there my ears picked up this lady on the radio talking about how we need to reflect on 2020. Apparently it’s good for us considering the crazy year it was. She gave 5 questions we should ask ourselves that will help. And then I got an idea. Why not make it a post? So here are her questions thinking back on 2020.

What’s 3 things you lost?
1) Social interaction and the ability or “want” to participate in it.
2) The need to go out for things (shopping/groceries).
3) Motivation/self-control (with some things).

What’s 3 things you gained?
1) More perspective on what I want out of life.
2) Much more stuff (clothes/furniture/car).
3) The need to enjoy life a lot more.

What’s something nice someone has done for you?
Brendan has really stepped up this last year and has helped me make this home our house. He’s helped us become more cohesive as a couple and has handled any issues I’ve had like it wasn’t a big hurdle for him. He’s always been so kind and caring. It’s almost like he handles me with care but not in a way that he’s scared I’ll get upset but more because he’s loving and that’s the sort of person he is. He just wants me to be okay all the time and nothing is too much of a problem. And this attitude is an every day thing. Not once in a while.

What’s 3 thing you need to get rid of this year?
1) The issues I have with my weight.
2) Anxiety – or at least handle it better.
3) The lack of motivation I have to do things that can possibly make my life better (courses/photography/starting a business)

What’s 3 thing you’re excited for?
1) A holiday at some point.
2) Saving more money.
3) Seeing and introducing Brendan to new places and things.  

So there you have it. Feel free to ask yourself these questions.

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