Back At It

You know what’s great about coming back to work after the holidays?


People talk about how they love catching up with their colleagues and going over what they did during their time off but for me I don’t really have work friends to do that with.

I had 6 alarms all set this morning all ready to start the day. One by one they went off. And one by one I turned them off, gripped my blanket tight and stared at the closet door. It’s interesting to see and feel my mood change just by telling me I’m going back to work. It’s like throwing a rock directly at my head and watching me get angrier and angrier until I pick up a rock myself and throw it back.

Usually on Monday morning we have an hour team meeting that usually goes for an hour and 15 minutes because a couple people like to talk a lot. Then another 15 minute meeting straight after with others from the department to talk about what we’re doing for the week. Then we have a 30 minute meeting half an hour after that meeting with the bigger boss to talk about stuff. Then at 3pm we have another meeting that goes for an hour with more people and occasionally it will go till 4:30pm just because… talkers.

So Monday isn’t my favourite. Especially because I’m the type of person who just wants to work. I want to get right into it so I don’t have to stay back past my shift. I do have a life despite working from home and never leaving.

Today I was surprised to see there was no 9am meeting and there wasn’t a 10:15 one either. My day seemed a little brighter.

But at the last minute my boss sent out a team invite just to say a quick hi to everyone. It was only scheduled for 15 minutes. There’s only 5 of us in the team so that was easy enough.

I got in there and everyone was talking about how quick the holidays went by. Out of 5 of us the conversation is usually between 3 people. So it’s almost like sitting in on a meeting with the 3 of the them talking about kids, what they did, their partners or whatever. Completely unrelatable to me.

So they were talking and I guess it came up in Teams that I arrived and one person said “Hi Tia”. I heard it and wanted to respond but my boss talked over her and started talking about their new phone. Yep, their new Samsung phone and all the new features they can do now. They then proceeded to give a TED talk about it and how it was better than their iPhone.

Now, you can say that I could have just said something but for me especially without visuals and in a virtual environment it feels weird interrupting people mid talk. I don’t do it in the real world and I feel even more uncomfortable doing it like this. Especially when people are in full on conversation.

With only 15 minutes for the meeting I was watching the time and noticed 10:22. I still haven’t said a word by this time and was waiting for the boss to go around and talk about other people’s holidays. One person discussed their gift buying for their kid, then the other one talked about what they did for Christmas and New Years. I was waiting for me but then the  conversation went to Covid cases and how bad Sydney is doing at the moment.

10:28 came around and there was some silences. There was no point in me saying hi now with only 2 minutes to go. And at exactly 10:30am my boss said they had to leave for another meeting.

“It was really good that you put this together to say hi to everyone”

That was a comment made.

Everyone said bye.

I didn’t waste my breath.

And that concludes how I managed to not say one thing during my team meeting.

  One thought on “Back At It

  1. Timothy Price
    January 4, 2021 at 1:41 pm

    Fortunately, I like my job, I’ve been doing it for the past 30+ years. However, I’m with you on meetings, both in person and virtual. They are such a waste of time. When all this COVID stuff started and we sent everyone home to work, the President wanted to have a 1:00 pm managers’ meeting every day. And, of course, I had to arrange the meeting on Zoom. The three of us who go to the office every day hate it because it’s such a waste of time. We finally got it cut down to two days a week. And then my wife’s sisters want to zoom birthdays and holidays, and I’m like before COVID nobody cared about zooming all this stuff, and birthdays and holidays went by pretty much unnoticed for those who are not in town. Now it’s Zoom Zoom Zoom! Ugh. “¡Dejame en paz. Por favor!” You might want to add “¡Dejame en paz. Por favor!” to you vocabulary. It’s Spanish for “Leave me alone. Please!”

    It sounds like you survived the Monday after the holidays.


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