Come To Me Weekend

It’s 1:54am and instead of sleeping I’m laying in bed readying my body. I got the blanket over my head as if I’m in a morgue awaiting to be identified but unlike a corpse I got my phone stuck in my hands and headphones on listening to music. Here I am wondering why I can’t sleep. See, my brain is wide awake! The idiot doesn’t even realize what it should be doing.

I got a full weekend ahead so I guess it’s just my insides getting anxious for non-stop excitement! Then come Sunday I’ll be pissed off and upset my weekend went so fast.

On a serious note though, I’m real busy. I gotta be up for work in 8 and a half hours (thank fuck for working from home still cause I can get my sleep in even if I start sleeping at 3am. I usually roll out of bed at 9 and throw my headphones on for a meeting. It works). I got to get up early though if possible and bleach my hair, meeting at 9 to 10am so I have to work out how I can bleach my hair and not go bald (hair snap or fall out which ever comes first). Got another meeting at 10:15-10:30am. Then I think I’m free to do work. In that time I’ll have to dye my hair. All this is because I got my work Xmas party. So it starts at 4pm. I’ll leave the house at around 3-3:30pm. I should get there on time. I’m not gonna miss a moment of free drinks… Sorry.

I had another work get together 3 weeks ago… I didn’t get home till 5am. That wasn’t expected. I was supposed to go to my friends place but thought 5am was a bit rough considering I told her I’d be there at 11pm the latest. Turns out I should have. I was up at 9am getting ready to go out and get my nails and eyelashes done the next morning. That was shiiiiiiit. I sat there about to pass out as the lady did my nails.

You want ombre?”
“How many fingers? These 2?”
“Just do them all”
“You want it like this?”
“Honestly, do whatever you want. I’m really too hungover for this”

Yep, that was me. And I fell asleep getting my lashes done but I think that’s reasonable.

Guess what though, I’ll be doing that again! Seems my best friend plans these things at the right time so as she advised, I’m probably going to be hungover again but lucky for me she deliberately booked an appointment at 12pm. So I get a bit of a sleep. That’s Saturday. I’ll be going to her house after this work thing, whenever that will be.

Sunday we’re going to the car yard and having a look. Feel free to wish us luck. I doubt we’ll find something but I hope we do.

God, I should go to bed.
My eyes are stinging.
I think the sandman is finally here…..

These guys can sleep

  One thought on “Come To Me Weekend

  1. Timothy Price
    December 11, 2020 at 2:14 am

    Insomnia sucks. We cancelled our office holiday party this year. It’s fine with me. I don’t get office parties. Until covid, I saw people at the office every day. I don’t want to hang out with them after hours when I have much more interesting things to do. Good luck on car hunting. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to sleep like dogs and cats?


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