Self Isolation: Day 3 -, 90’s sitcoms & a phone call

It’s not really self isolation when it’s a regular Sunday.

There is no self isolation day one or two because as mentioned they were just regular weekend days and one of them I was already working at home (see post WFH: Day 1).

I figure I will make posts with titles like self isolation day whatever but seeing as though I’ll not only be self isolating but also working I think the days will be random. A WFH post is considered isolation, right?

Staying at home is going great though. I’ve decided I’m going to rewatch series seeing as I’m not too into new shows. I’ve started with session one of King Of Queens. One of my favourite shows but I can’t remember a time I’ve actually sat down from season one and watch the full thing all the way through. Still gets me laughing though.

I’m thinking the next one my list is going to be According to Jim. I haven’t seen that show for years. Actually, I completely forgot about it until something reminded me today.

Then it’s going to be Kids In The Hall. Now that’s a classic I watched back in Canada as a kid. I mentioned it to my boyfriend but of course he knew absolutely nothing about it. So I can’t wait to show it to him but I’m feeling like it’s gonna be a hit or miss thing.

So, that was basically my day. Sitting around watching a 90s sitcom while drinking wine and thinking about more 90s shows to get back into. If you haven’t already noticed I’m kind of stuck in the 90s.

I did get get a call from my dad today. Actually not that long ago. It’s funny now that he has cancer he seems to be more into wanting to hear from me and see how I am. I guess that’s a given. It kind of annoys me but I don’t blame him for the sudden concern. I just wish he was that into the idea back when I was a kid.

I will admit I have told him that I will contact him and just haven’t really found the time to do it. And again it’s kind of funny how now me not calling him is an issue he seems to bring up when he does get a hold of me. Just like the times when I was a kid and he’d tell me he would come to see me or give me a call and I wouldn’t hear from him. Sometimes I’d even sit by the phone and my mom would tell me he wasn’t going to call.

I do feel bad for him and I will make an effort to contact him. At the end of the day he does have cancer and once he’s gone he’s gone. No matter how I feel about the situation with the sudden attention I’m now getting from him.

He’s in hospital for 10 days cause he’s having surgery so I guess he was thinking of me which is nice.

So, that was my day. I start work at 10 o’clock tomorrow so I guess I’ll roll out of bed at 9:45. Chances are it will be earlier. I’ll probably want to clean up and make a coffee maybe have a shower. I don’t know. The world is my oyster.

In saying that I’m going to run to bed. I’ve been going there earlier then usual lately. I find myself there around 9-10pm instead of 2-3am and play with the Switch until I fall to sleep. Tonight I’m going there so I don’t binge eat everything in the fridge. There’s a roast pork and a roast chicken in there staring at me every time I open that door and I’m pretty sure I can hear them scream “eat me”. I have to restrain myself from eating both in one go (and if you think I can’t do it I assure you I can).

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