Weekend Of Nothing

I had planned this weekend but I spent most of it doing nothing.

I cooked alot which meant I ate alot.

I thought alot which meant I didnt get much done.

I cleaned the hell out of the kitchen Friday night and one of the bathrooms Saturday. I really wanted to get through the whole house this weekend but found myself getting lazy and feeling like “Hey, I worked all week. I should have a day to chill”. So I had two.

Friday Night


I plan on calling the real estate tomorrow but will probably put it off till I do more cleaning and settle myself.

Oh, I whipper snippered the front lawn horribly today but at least it looks better than it did. My neighbour saw us struggling and told me he’d go over it when we were done to even it out. Thank you neighbour. I need all the damn help I can get.


I don’t usually write on the weekends and this is why.

I’m fucking boring.

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