Eat Your Heart Out

Valentine’s Day is a wrap. Wasn’t bad for being broke. Was actually pretty cute. The day didn’t go exactly how I had hoped but close to. Nothing to complain about.

Friday we didn’t do much. We got drunk and actually Netflix and chilled. We binge watched Dracula which was pretty damn good and followed that up with It’s Bruno. That show definitely wasn’t what I expected. I remember seeing the trailer and for some reason thought it was a movie. That put me off a bit (don’t know why). But I love how the episodes were short, straight to the point and how something so simple like taking your dog for a walk was turned into an episode. I don’t usually enjoy shit but I really enjoyed that. We smashed that series out too and eventually fell asleep at 4am or around there.

Saturday I woke up nice and early to get the pork all ready to be slow cook. I could barely contain my excitement to cooked.

I was so excited to start that the night before I made the empanada filling. I just wanted to start on something. After that, the rest of the day was spent rolling out dough and baking them. The whole house smelled like a restaurant all day. I absolutely loved it!

I think I cooked for 6 hours that day but it was so worth it. I outdid myself. It was as if I was a stranger eating someone else’s food and being like “Damn this is pretty good” but it’s mine! I was the reason this all tasted pretty good. Man, it was so awesome the idea of having my own food truck came trickling back into my mind. I could do this shit for a living. Without a doubt! And good thing is as well, there’s enough food for days.

Is this what it feels like to give birth? Seeing something you’ve created and being so frickin proud? Cause I was feeling it.

So yeah. Food was amazing and I think a great alternative to a present. Brendan did get me a little stuffed dog and I card which he wrote some of the nicest shit I’ve ever read. The guy can definitely write a nice message. I actually cried.

He did get sick though Saturday night and no, not from my food. Before he ate so he didn’t eat too much. And he went to bed early so obviously this delayed my plan to be a bedroom stripper slightly. It actually had to wait till Sunday.

Which brings me to last night. I had a couple drinks. I didn’t think it was that many but judging by my lack of energy and the queezy feeling in my stomach, I’d say I have a slight hangover. Was so close to calling in sick today but I decided to push through it. This is the first time in awhile I’ve had two days of paid sick leave up my sleeve and I’m not about to waste it.

I’ll leave it there though. About to get off the train and throw up.

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