Valentines Day Anticipation

Whether you’re single or in some form of a relationship, there’s no ignoring the fact that tomorrow is Valentines Day.

Me personally, I celebrate it regardless of my relationship status.

Single – get lonely drunk
Relationship – get drunk with company and eat alot (notice the eating is included to add some romance?)

I like Valentines Day. I’ve never really been in one of those relationships where someone goes overboard with presents, flowers and all that garbage. I like the day but I’m shit at present buying for guys so any day that involves the trading of gifts… or just giving a gift stresses me out. I will admit I do like recieving them though but I consider myself easy to buy for. I like anything.

This Valentines Day though I’M NOT SINGLE! Go me! But we’ve decided that we’re going to be cheap. I told Brendan I don’t want anything. Partly because as I mentioned, presents and me don’t mix. And as much as I like getting things if it means I have to give as well, I’d rather have nothing. Not worth the stress and then the feeling of disappointment I think I’m giving all wrapped up.

It’s our 1st anniversary next month as well and to be honest I would rather have a great one year. So I suggested we save our cash for that day and do something nice.


I do have something planned.

Brendan has been working alot of overtime at work lately but I always tell him not to if we have something planned or its a “special day”. I told him to not do it tomorrow but I suggest he can because I figure we’ll do Valentines Day on Saturday. Hopefully he’s working cause it will give me the day to cook and get everything ready. I still didn’t buy him a present. I mean, I dont think he wants chocolates. We have so many in the cupboard as it is that he doesnt eat. And he’s not into stuffed toys and flowers like I am. But here’s what I’m thinking.


Imagine, being a dude, coming home from work after 8 hours of possibly getting yelled at by customers who actually have nothing to bitch about. Walking into your house and smelling the scent of slow cooked pulled pork that has been simmering in it own juices for 10-12 hours. The house is clean and on the table theres a bottle of wine with a big label which reads: I Will Let You Finger Me After This Bottle sitting with a Valentines Day card.

The table is flush with Spanish food. Fresh homemade guacamole, Spanish rice, empanadas and a big fluffy tortilla perfectly cooked with potato and onion. Yet the pièce de résistance is the carnitas. Falling apart just like it’s supposed to. You can’t wait to try it!

And then you have your girlfriend, who may or may not have re-died her hair depending on her mood and how much time she has, looking fresh and proud because she loves to cook especially for someone who will eat it. Although she will (and does) always eat way more than you, but she’s cute.

After you finish stuffing your face with food you have the option of stuffing your face with you girlfriend. Instead of buying you a present she opted for a cute bedroom outfit for you to unwrap. Add a bottle of whisky and let the Valentine’s Day festivities roll.

So concludes my Saturday Vday plans. It was so last minute. I literally bought an outfit yesterday on my lunch break and surprisely got it today in the post. So 5 stars for delivery. The card and label in waiting for. Really hoping I get it tomorrow. Can’t believe paper takes longer to post then an outfit.

We’ll see how it all plays out. Hopefully to plan. Probably not though.

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