January Catch Up

Like everyone else I’m slowly getting back into the groove of things, very reluctantly may I add. I’ve had the most enjoyably break. Was out and about enjoying my time off and I had great company as well. So I’m feeling pretty refreshed at the moment, optimistic and looking forward to what 2020 has in store although I’m pretty nervous as well. We all know how shit can change real quick.

First pic of 2020

As usual I’ve been meaning to post. Then so much time went by I got the idea of doing a vlog. Then I just realized I was lazy. Being less lazy is actually one of my New Years resolutions (of course). But let’s be realistic, it’s only the start of the new year.

I have had one shitty thing happen over the holiday’s. And I mean really fucking shitty. I don’t even really want to write about it but it has to do with Val. He’s missing. Still is since the 28th of December. I legitimately have no idea what has happened to him. Breaks my heart thinking about it. 14 years with that cat and now it’s been going on 2 weeks. I’ve posted everywhere, looked at the pound and nothing. He just vanished. I’m still trying not to deal out to much because cats tend to fuck off once in a while. I see people posting on lost pet pages and all of a sudden the cat walks in 4 weeks later like nothing happened. And that’s what I’m hoping for.

I still go out and call him and walk around the block. I’ve been taking the bus home lately to do another scope of the estate, window is open for him to jump in, food and water outside. It just sucks. I couldn’t sleep in my bed for a week and would sleep on the couch in case I heard him meowing to get in. Then I would wake up in the morning and cry for hours. I’m hoping he’s still a smart cat. I just thought that if he passed away or anything it would be with me.

That was the big thing over the holidays. Alot of crying and still looking.

Besides that I’ve been keeping busy.

  • Got my nails done for the first time and feel like a woman now.
  • Tried the first Taco Bell they’ve opened in Melbourne. Was good, not as expensive as I expected but if course it ain’t the same as Taco Bell in the states. But it was nice not being completely disappointed.
  • Went and had a look at Xmas lights.IMG_20191223_181200_466.jpg
  • Saw the new Star Wars.
  • Went and played Mini Golf.20200102_130528.jpg

That’s some of the shit I did over the holidays.

January is a whole new ball game though. Every weekend is filled with bullshit and I really hate doing things yet here I am.

Today is Friday and Brendan’s friend is down from Sydney for the weekend with a bunch of other people. So we’re staying in the city for a couple nights. Which is fine even though we don’t live far but we got our own bedroom which is cool. So I had to bring all my shit to work for the next couple days. At the moment I’m looking homeless.

So that’s this weekend.

Next weekend: Going out of town to see The Amity Affliction. That’s on the Saturday. They’re also supposed to be playing a show the Monday before as well but still waiting on where, how much and what time that’s at. I got the Friday off though cause I want to see them on the Friday as well.

Weekend after: long weekend over here and Brendan’s big 30th birthday. So I’ve got some stuff planned for him. His actual birthday is on the Wednesday so I’m still planning that around but it’s going to be really good. I’m so damn excited. And if I don’t get a ring this year then we definitely have a problem.

I’m going to end this here cause it was hard enough to write. I need to get my shit together clearly.

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